Student application form (for ERASMUS students) - German projects in Zagreb

Podijeli Pošalji prijatelju

Transcom, a global company with more than 27000 employees all around the world, is seeking customer service representatives in Zagreb office. ERASMUS students are welcome to apply!

Students are needed for projects in German language. Transcom is located in an attractive location, near the Zagreb bus station: Radnička cesta 39, Zagreb (Centar 2000). There are more than 300 employees in Zagreb who work on German, French, Italian and Spanish projects.

Projects on German language are related to:

  • providing support for European online bank customers (phone/chat/email support)
  • providing support for global tourist agency (phone support)

Students attend training that prepares them for work completely. While training, they are paid the same hourly rate as they will get paid when they start to work (33kn/h+bonuses). All employees at Transcom are able to use fully equipped kitchen and lounge (relax) rooms, attend internal workshops and enjoy working in multicultural environment.

Sounds interesting? We'd like to meet you!