Philip Anthony Enopia Jan 14th, 2021 People

Transcom Tayo Stories - Christmas Tree of Hope

The Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world. As early as September, Christmas songs can already be heard playing while families already put up trees and decorations to usher in the spirit of the season. More importantly, gift-giving among families and friends truly spells Christmas in the Philippines as the season of love, care, and of hope.
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Philip Anthony Enopia Oct 23rd, 2020 People

Transcom Tayo Stories in the Time of Pandemic - CJ

CJ Aparicio is a supervisor in our Iloilo site. She was part of the site’s skeletal workforce during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in March and eventually transitioned to working at home when the company started transitioning to alternative work arrangements as a business intervention to the ongoing pandemic.
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Roberta Schiappadori Jun 12th, 2020 Innovation


Mnoge tvrtke trenutno bilježe porast broja kontakata s kupcima.
Istodobno, zatvaranja i veći izostanci uzrokuju nedostatak resursa koji bi upravljali dolaznim prometom i maksimalnim volumenima.
Iako radimo na povećanju produktivnosti i korisničkog iskustva stvaranjem besprijekornog spoja između ljudi i tehnologije, ipak smo se morali zapitati kako bolje pomoći krajnjim korisnicima i tvrtkama da se nose s trenutnom situacijom?
Usred krize, kada su zemlje i regije pokrenule zatvaranja granica i uvele socijalnu distancu mi smo okupili tim kako bismo razgovarali o utjecaju koji bi navedeno moglo imati na poslovanje naših klijenata i njihovu službu za korisnike.
Preko vikenda utvrdili smo postojeće stanje i komplikacije.
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Oliver Cook Jun 8th, 2020 Perspectives

Where does the customer stand in the new normal?

Analysts and management consultants are calling the post-crisis period after the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic a ‘New Normal.’ It’s when companies will start making an attempt to return to normal, but with a change in consumer behavior, everyone needs to plan for a new definition of how normal looks. Learn more about Oliver Cook's, CCO Europe, view on the implications for customer care.
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Peter Tetlow May 18th, 2020 People

Agent Experience: Challenges and opportunities

Agent experience is one of the most critical subjects for any company offering customer experience (CX) expertise - such as Transcom. What are the key challenges to creating a great agent experience? Here are a few of the key ones.
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Stefan Berg Sep 16th, 2019 Innovation

Happy birthday T:Labs!

To meet the demands of a fast moving industry and be at the forefront of innovation to help our clients grow, we are now announcing the birth of T:Labs, an innovation hub that is cross fu...

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Helene Ruda Jun 10th, 2019

Transcom awarded Best Cloud Implementation

In the grand finale of the annual Interactions EMEA conference, NICE announced the winners of the CX Excellence Award, five organizations that excelled in the delivery of service and leve...

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