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Roberta Schiappadori Oct 31st, 2019

Transcom Presents to PayPal’s Senior Leaders at their Global Partner Summit in Manila

Transcom actively participated in the annual PayPal Global Partner Summit, held in Manila, Philippines.

The event was attended by some of the US company’s most important strategic partners.

Over three days, the partner companies’ representatives learned more about PayPal's strategy directly from the company's top management and were able to participate in workshops on Customer Experience. This is a new way to strengthen collaboration between the various partners and understand needs and expectations of the consumers.

Working with a fintech partner such as PayPal has allowed us to take on innovative challenges and continue to deliver excellent, all-round service in a dynamic, ever-changing, industry: "We have always combined security, which for our customer is obviously fundamental, with high quality standards" said Gianluca Gemma, General Manager of the Italian market.

Transcom presented to the audience of 50 industry representatives as part of PayPal’s ‘Innovation Station’ initiative. This gave us the opportunity to share our best in class practices on a global stage.

The goal of the Summit is to continue and further improve partnerships. "Based on our client's needs and skills, we have developed new processes to train staff, manage seasonal volumes, provide more and more contact experiences. This commitment was also rewarded as Customer Service of the Year in the Payment Solutions category in France by Viséo Customer Insights. A truly important milestone, which shows how passion and innovation can often lead to goals considered by many impossible" said Gianluca Gemma, General Manager of the Italian market.

Transcom is a PayPal customer service partner with a multilingual approach, servicing multiple languages (Italian, English, French) from different sites, all certified according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Transcom and Paypal in Manila, Philippines

Transcom's representatives Maurizio Marrone, Operations Manager, Gianluca Gemma, General Manager for the Italian Cluster, and Erwan Injey, Client Service Manager