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Roberto Boggio Sep 17th, 2013

The Telco industry evolution in Europe: challenges and opportunities

In a recent interview, Paolo Bertoluzzo, Chief Executive Officer at Vodafone Italy and South Europe, stated that "there are 30 different telecommunications providers in 27 countries in Europe, while only 4 providers serve almost the same number of users in the United States. In the future, an industry consolidation is expected in Europe and the first signs are already visible." Thanks to the expertise Transcom has developed in the Telco industry over the years, and since we are serving the largest Telco players in Europe, I would say that we are well-positioned to play a key role in this changing industry landscape. We are ready to fully support this evolution and become a strategic BPO partner to Telcos willing to run transformation projects and lead the evolving European telecommunications market. I believe this evolution represents a great opportunity for Transcom’s European team to bring to bear our deep industry expertise and our leadership in customer experience management to successfully address these market leaders’ top priorities, with programs specifically designed to drive their sales growth and build customer loyalty. Anticipating the new requirements in this evolving market, Transcom is adapting its services to new technologies and tools in a completely mobile multi-channel and multi-device environment. Customer support will embrace social media to an even greater extent than today and new business models will take shape. Transcom is definitely facing up to this challenge and we are playing to win together with our clients. Our objective is to tighten the partnership with our telecommunications clients and strongly support their rapid growth strategies while reducing their costs, thus helping them to become market leaders in the new European Telco landscape.