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César Mesa Feb 3rd, 2014

Shortening the learning curve

In times when our clients are looking for ways to reduce their costs, and we -as providers- are looking for ways to promote growth in our centers, can these two demands ever be achieved for both parties? Yes, they can.

At Transcom Sevilla we are working on different ways to reduce our clients’ acquisition’ costs, in order to make future requests for volume increases more attractive. We have been working on ways to improve the sales processes as well as their quality. By analyzing the normal behavior for our biggest campaigns, we have been able to implement formulas that successfully shortens newly hired agents’ learning curve. The intention is to quantify and explain the time it takes for an agent to acquire the necessary knowledge -for any campaign- to catch up to their more veteran colleagues’ skill. In this way, our client obtains a clear picture of the obtained results during the learning phase, making it possible to analyze how growth will be profitable for the campaign in the short, medium or long term. With this type of logarithmic curve we can see that there is a point of maximum productivity, where any improvement in terms of process, motivation or specialization, would have a greater impact on the qualitative variables of the campaign, such as the quality of the call, improving the handling times, etc. After this analysis we can conclude which actions have a greater impact on reducing the time to reach maximum productivity, being able to prioritize the optimal ones over many others. At Transcom, through initiatives like this, we constantly improve the productivity of outbound sales agents, while at the same time improving the service quality and reducing our clients’ costs.