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Agustín Romero Feb 7th, 2014

New ways to get closer to our client

Over the past years, Transcom Isla Sicilia has been practicing an interesting and fun activity with our main client on a regular basis: each month we play sports! The sports activities help us to strengthen relationships between the Transcom staff - including supervisors, coordinators, quality staff and agents- while facing their direct counterparts on the client end. By playing sports, we find a different way to get closer to them, creating new, more informal communication channels, fostering not just a comfortable environment to talk about the match but also to tackle other more relevant subjects regarding our business relationship.

Transcom Isla Sicilia Team

Although the participants’ professionalism will always take precedence, there is something about seeing each other in ‘shorts’ that always adds a plus to understanding each other’s point of view, creating a closer relation between both teams. We will not give away the scores of these ‘encounters’ because we have always heard that what truly matters is to participate, but we can say that they have been satisfactory for both parties... The true heart of the matter is how the promotion of sportsmanship and the improvement of human relationships can be achieved through sport.