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Terilyn Hernandez Jan 15th, 2014

Enhancing the Global Customer Experience


  One of the most exciting things about working at Transcom is our global structure and the opportunity to interact and partner with our counterparts in many different countries.  Being a part of Global Operations, Account Management or other communities provides us with insight and depth that isn’t readily available in local only organizations.

Our global reach is also one of the reasons our clients look to us as strategic partners. As more and more companies take advantage of a global workforce the idea and practice of Customer Experience management becomes more complex.  The differences in what a customer wants and expects in a phone call, chat or email exchange offer greater insight into cultural differences than language, accent or cuisine. A customer in North America will gladly forgo the niceties of polite conversation to get their issue resolved quickly and permanently. If they initiated the interaction they expect their reason for calling to be cared for before anything else is discussed and most North American customers simply aren’t comfortable with formality.  We regularly hear: “Don’t apologize, just fix it” “I don’t want to hear about your other products until you make the one I have work” “Don’t call me ma’am” “Just call me Bob, not Mr. Henry, that’s my dad.” The way I, as a customer, want to be spoken to when I call for tech support, to buy a product or to understand my bill can feel downright rude or inappropriate to the representative handling my call or chat session in the Philippines. Understanding and adapting to these differences is a big part of what our clients look to Transcom to provide. They need their customers cared for and Transcom knows how to provide that care - virtually anywhere in the world.

As Customer Experience Experts Transcom’s clients often rely on us to be their globalization experts and as such our contribution as strategic partners goes far beyond simply answering  the phone or responding to chat messages.  We provide our partners with insight into how they can achieve their business goals and make offshoring or outsourcing comfortable for their customers. Globalization can be challenging, frightening and exciting for customers and corporations alike - Transcom’s Customer Experience Expertise is helping our clients to navigate this new environment and helping their customers experience the benefits of globalization. How have you helped your client navigate the global environment?  How have you helped your front line team successfully manage the customer experience across cultures?