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Alberto Piñeiro Apr 24th, 2014

Delivering special service to ensure telecom customer satisfaction

At Transcom we always try to adapt our resources to our clients' needs. One example: the added-value services we deliver from our San Fernando site for a leading telecommunications operator. Taking into account the type of services that our client offers - and to ensure continuity - it is extremely important that the customer billing process be conducted in a precise manner and without incident. Transcom San Fernando Team

Early detection and reporting of any irregular usage is one of the best ways to minimize the amount of unpaid bills. It is also a service that helps customers manage their spending in order to avoid a nasty surprise when the invoice arrives. This service requires delicate management, where providing maximum support and facilitating alternative solutions becomes the best way to achieve our goal, while generating a very positive feedback from our customers. To ensure this service’s success, it has to be carried out as a comprehensive operation. Therefore, the same agent will manage all related activities: calls, completion of back office tasks, etc... Transcom San Fernando Team

Thus, the profile of all team members has to be based mainly on great communication skills, agility with the computer-based systems, and rapid execution of actions, customer orientation and adaptability to change.